Should You Become A Personal Trainer?

If you are athletic, have a good body, are reasonably attractive and have a pleasing personality, you should consider becoming a personal trainer.  There are courses that you can take to become a personal trainer that will certify you in this field.  You do not have to have a degree in athletics to become a personal trainer.  This is a field that is blossoming, where you can earn a good living and one in which you do not need an extensive education.

A personal trainer can work in a variety of different capacities.  The most common employment for a personal trainer is in a gym where he or she will assist gym members in achieving their fitness goals.  This is actually a good way to start out your career as a personal trainer.  Although there are not licensing requirements,  there are certifications available and most health clubs will want you to be certified.  You will also need to know CPR, a basic requirement for anyone who is working with people on a one to one basis, especially when it comes to physical activity. 

You should like to work with people and have a pleasant personality.  You should be service oriented.  Service oriented are “people people” and derive their pleasure from being with other people.  This is not a career choice for someone who is very analytical and expects everything to be perfect all of the time as people can be somewhat unpredictable when you are working with them.  Having a pleasant personality and a degree of warmth is the most important characteristic that you can have when becoming a personal trainer or entertaining any other career in the service industry. 

A good physique is something that you should also have if you are to be a personal trainer.  Your clients should want to look like you.  This will give them something to which to aspire.  You should be in good physical shape yourself so that you can help your clients with their workout. 

It also helps if you are attractive.  You do not have to be glamorous, but should be well groomed and clean.  You should practice good hygiene in order to be effective in this career.  No one is going to want to take lessons from someone who smells or has rancid breath.  While there is little you can do about your physical features, most people can make themselves attractive if they practice good grooming habits and take care of their appearance. 

You cannot expect to make a fortune at once, but you can make a decent living.  The average wages for a personal trainer are about $25 an hour.  If you are ambitious and your services become in demand, you can become a personal trainer for affluent people who will hire you to come to their homes.  Such personal trainers often earn anywhere from $250 on up an hour. 

You should be interested in fitness and like working with people as well as take reasonable pride in your appearance if you are to become a personal trainer.  This can be a lucrative career for someone who is fit, healthy and likes to work with people. 

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